The current arbor has served the church since 1914 as the home for camp meeting revival services, weddings, and other events. A brush arbor was used for the first camp meeting in 1887 and consecutive camp meetings until 1873 when a timber framed structure was built.  That structure was used until today’s arbor was built.  The original roof of the current arbor was cedar shank shingles with additional layers of asphalt shingles added over time.  In 1994, the arbor was re-roofed at a cost of $18,000. To keep the aged look beneath the arbor and disguise the bottom of new shingles, church members mopped 288 sheets of plywood with tar and turpentine, giving the appearance of the original cedar shank shingles.

In 2013, camp meeting was not held under the arbor for the first time in its 99-year history. A buildings audit of the grounds determined the arbor was not structurally sound. The 146th Camp Meeting was held under a rented tent placed in the church parking lot.

The cost to restore the arbor exceeded $200,000. But a committed congregation, and community at large, worked hard to ensure the resources needed were available for its restoration to be complete in time for its centennial year! The 148th Camp Meeting was held under a completely restored arbor, with improved grounds, all debt-free. Thanks be to God and to all who contributed to this historic effort!

We encourage you to view this scrapbook documenting the arbor’s restoration. You will quickly see it was a global, group effort!

Now that the arbor is restored, and its use ensured for future generations, funds will still be needed for maintenance of the structure and grounds. If you would like to contribute to the arbor fund for these purposes, please send your donation to:

Shiloh United Methodist Church
1874 Burwell Road
Carrollton, GA 30117